Career Profile

I am currently doing my end-of-study internship after my last year of Master in Krakow, Poland. I am curious, motivated and interested in anything related to Linux, containers, the Cloud, Kubernetes, and open-source.
I also try to write some interesting posts on my blog when I have some free time.


Cloud Architect/DevOps End-of-study Internship

July 2018 - January 2019
AssessFirst, Paris, France

Setting up a new CI/CD tool: Drone, Docker

Rebuilding and scaling an API: PHP, Laravel, Docker

More to come...

Cloud Architect/DevOps Internship

June 2017 - September 2017
Stootie, Paris, France

Study and implementation of a monitoring tool for the AWS infrastructure: Rust, CloudWatch, and Grafana.

Migration of different services to Docker and deployment on AWS ECS cluster.

Creation of a centralized log management system: Fluentd, Elasticsearch, and Kibana.


September 2014 - February 2017
Carrefour Express, Meylan, France

I have worked at a mini-market every weekend for over 2 years. It made me more responsible and allowed me to provide a quality service for the customers and learn how to work in a team.


Here are some interesting personnal projects I have been or am working on:

Rustberry - A kernel for RaspberryPi 3 written in Rust
Drone-Kubernetes - A plugin for Drone to execute Kubernetes deployments
MIPS microcontroller simulator - A MIPS microcontroller simulator written in C.

Skills & Proficiency

GNU/Linux & Bash

Kubernetes & Docker

Rust, C & Go

Terraform & Ansible

Ruby, Python & Java

AWS, Networking & Cloud